A couple discussion between two officers who work in the Police of the city of Buenos Aires ended with an unthinkable consequence and in the worst way: The man fired a shot on the ground to intimidate his wife, but the bullet ricocheted and hit the abdomen of his 6-year-old daughter, who died on the way to the hospital.

The incident occurred this morning in the home that the couple share in Virrey del Pino, La Matanza district, located on Calle Albateiro 3683.

The assailant was identified as Juan Ramón Herrena, 34 years old, who serves at Police Station 6 B of the City of Buenos Aires; while his partner, by name Natalia Analía Bergamaschi, 29, works at Police Station 13 B.

Police sources specified that Herrera was drinking alcohol in the dining room of the house when the fatal outcome occurred.

After having a bawdy conversation with Bergamaschi, the policeman became violent and threatened her with his regulation weapon -a Bersa Thunder 9 mm- in front of the minor, who was in the place observing everything that happened and paid the consequences.

After being seriously injured on the floor, the girl is rushed to the Dr. Domingo Roca Health Center No. 2, in La Matanza. But when she was admitted to the guard, it was too late because she had no vital signs. The daughter of the policemen passed away on the way to the hospital.

The case, in which personnel from Police Station No. 3 of Virrey del Pino intervened, is being investigated by UFI No. 1 of San Justo by Gastón Duplaá. The aggressor was apprehended, his weapon was seized and will be investigated in the next few hours.

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