On Tuesday night, the body of a half-naked woman, with a blow to the head and cuts on different parts of the body, was found in a field in the Buenos Aires province of Merlo. Investigators try to identify the victim.

The body was found in a vacant lot located in the Iwanosky street between Ernesto Renán and Blanco Encalada, in the vicinity of a sports club called El Remanso, in said district of the western area of ​​the suburbs by other women that they were circumstantially there and that they immediately notified the telephone number of emergencies 911.

At the scene, members of the 3rd police station of Merlo found at the bottom of a nursery and about 50 meters from the street the presence of the Half-naked corpse of the victim, covered with a jacket, with a stick over her face and a stone on her side.

The prosecutor Adriana Suárez Corripio was immediately present at the place, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit 8 of the Morón Judicial Department.

He gave the first directives and summoned the experts of the Scientific Police and a medical examiner preliminarily determined that the woman – who had not been identified – She was between 35 and 40 years old and had a skull wound caused by a blow with a blunt object, which would have caused her death.

The doctor also established that the victim had several shallow cuts, what to the naked eye there were no signs of sexual abuse and that she had been dead for approximately 10 hours.

However, as reported by the news agency, the result of the autopsy operation is awaited to determine the mechanics of the death and if she was the victim of abuse.

This last Sunday, the organization MuMalá-Women of the Latin American Matria indicated that so far this year a total of 94 femicides, including 15 linked and 4 travesticides, which means one death every 38 hours.

In addition, it noted that so far in 2021 there have been 143 violent deaths of women, transvestites and trans, which registered one every 25 hours and that of the total of femicides, 75 were direct, that is, perpetrated by men for reasons associated with gender; 11 linked to boys, five for filing in the act and four linked to girls.

It also highlighted that 22 violent deaths associated with gender were registered, linked to criminal or collateral economies and robberies, and 21 are under investigation. There were 140 attempted femicides and six femicides committed suicide after committing the murder.

According to the report released this Sunday, 14% of femicides were perpetrated by members of the security forces and 25% of the victims had reported their aggressor, and that 16% had a contact or perimeter restriction order and only 2% had an anti-panic button.

From the data provided by the organization, 89% of the femicides were known to the victims (63% partners and ex-partners) and 71% of the femicides were carried out in the victim’s home or shared home and 37% of the attacks were with a knife and 22% were killed with a firearm, the document added.

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