Argentina registered 9,955 cases of covid-19, so the number of positives rose to 2,393,492, while deaths amounted to 56,199, after 93 more deaths were confirmed.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health in its evening report, which presents a decrease of about 429 cases compared to those confirmed on Saturday, when there were 10,384 in a context in which the southern country is going through an acceleration of positive cases that approaches the expected second wave .

The Argentine authorities have increased the restrictions and sanitary recommendations due to the rise in infections for several days, although this long weekend of Easter, tourist activity was allowed.

In Argentina there are 2,140,480 patients who have already been discharged, while 3,626 people with a confirmed diagnosis of covid-19 remain admitted to intensive care units.

The percentage of occupancy of intensive care beds for all types of pathologies is 55.6% nationwide, but 61.5% if only Buenos Aires and its populous periphery are considered.

So far, in Argentina 9.07 million tests have been carried out to detect the virus, of which 33,159 were carried out this Sunday, which is about 20,865 fewer tests than those carried out the previous day.

Argentina had a peak of daily infections on October 21, with 18,326 positives, and then at the beginning of January there was a rebound that stopped until the beginning of March, when the current upward curve began.


Given the arrival of the second wave, the Argentine government decided to prioritize the vaccination of the first dose and defer the second dose for three months in all types of vaccines against the coronavirus that it has so far.

The southern country, with a population of about 45 million inhabitants, began its vaccination campaign against covid-19 at the end of last December and has already received 7,266,500 doses of vaccines against covid-19 from various providers.

This is a lower amount than what the country expected to have for this time of year and the Government itself has admitted the delays in the vaccination plan, which it justifies in the delays on the part of the providers.

According to official data released on Friday, 4,251,516 doses have been applied.

A total of 3,567,150 people received the first dose of the vaccine, while 684,366 people were already inoculated with the second dose.

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