A man ran over the motorcycle jet that had assaulted him with his truck and injured his accomplice

A man ran over the motorcycle jet that had assaulted him with his truck and injured his accomplice

In the Fisherton neighborhood, in the western area of ​​Rosario, a man ran over two motorcycle jets with his truck that minutes before had stolen a backpack with pesos and dollars: he killed one of them and seriously injured the other.

It all started with a spillway that happened on the street Amuchastegui to 7900, where the criminals intercepted their victim and took his money, after which a persecution began that ended at the height of Judge Zuviría and Navarro, a few meters from the local police station.

At that site, the driver of the Chevrolet S-10 pickup managed to catch up with the assailants, who were fleeing on a motorcycle, and rammed them. The vehicle ended up hitting a tree, causing one of the thieves to die on the spot, while the other was left lying on the sidewalk.

In dialogue with Santa Fe television, the Homicide prosecutor Patricio Saldutti explained that the authorities are “awaiting the survey of the cameras (of security in the area) and what the witnesses report, but apparently the final outcome would have been on the sidewalk.”

Although at first it turned out that the thieves surprised their victim at the door of a bank, the prosecutor pointed out that it is not clear if they actually did so when this person was leaving his home.

“The robbery would have occurred in Amuchastegui at 7900, which, in principle, would be a family home of this person, 600 meters (from the scene of the murder). Under the truck a backpack was seized that had about 2,000 dollars and 2,000 Argentine pesos,” he revealed.

In addition, the judicial official specified that the driver of the largest vehicle “is in good health and was arrested” as well as the offender who survived the crash, who “has some trauma.”

“There are cameras both here, as in the place where the robbery took place and also along the route, but we have to determine what the route was to be able to try to get those images,” he added.

The Police were going to review the cameras in the area to determine the responsibilities in the fact

On the other hand, Saldutti confirmed that during the police survey a 9 millimeter pistol was seized, but clarified that “there is no record of shots” in the corner where the driver ran over the assailants, but where the robbery took place.

In this sense, the prosecutor detailed that “In the next few days” the responsibility for the acts “of the man who was driving the truck will be assessed., who after the crash would have walked away from the scene, but was arrested a few blocks later and taken to Fisherton Police Station 17.

According to what police sources reported to the newspaper The capital, the fatal victim of the episode was identified as Diego Nicolas Quiroga, 25 years old, while the injured is Luciano E., He had head trauma and would be the same age.

A witness in the case told television that “the driver of the truck crashed and with the same fear he left and left his backpack with the money thrown away,” and even “later the father came, worried, asking about him.”

“I understand from the neighbors that the criminals were prowling the area permanently. They have even raced me on a motorcycle and It seems to me that that was what brought about these consequences, because we get tired. They have chased me with guns,” said a woman who also lives in the neighborhood.

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