In the early morning of today, Luciano Olivera, a 16-year-old young boy, died after a Buenos Aires Police officer shot him down. The incident, investigated by the prosecutor Ana Caro, generated protests in the city that led to riots.

The version of the force itself, which it agreed to Infobae, is confusing.

The summary later elaborated by the Miramar Patrol Command ensures that at 4 in the morning a mobile tried identify a young man on a motorcycle Yamaha YBR 125 cc red color that was given to the leak when being alerted in the area of ​​the main square of the seaside resort.

Thus, the motorcycle was intercepted by another command mobile after a radio alert. Four troops occupied it, with the ranks of sergeant, officer and inspector officer.

According to what the policemen assured the force itself, the young man stopped the march when he was intercepted. The policemen got out of the mobile. However, without explanation, the summary relates how the young man he allegedly started the motorcycle back and addressed one of the officers.


Thus, the officer identified as Maximiliano González, shoots his regulation pistol. According to him, the shot escaped him: the bullet hits Luciano’s thorax. Thus, an ambulance is requested.

A doctor determines death. Prosecutor Caro is notified and orders that the scene of the event be preserved. González, confirm police sources, he is detained.

Later, Luciano’s family and friends arrived and started an angry protest. La Bonaerense summoned the Cavalry Corps with the excuse of containing a disturbance. The Federal Police has already been commissioned with the tasks to clarify the fact.

The prosecutor Ana Caro acted at the scene of the event throughout the morning. The event resonates strongly with the crime of Lucas González, killed last month by three members of the City Police at the entrance to Villa 21-24 in Barracas.

This week, the three troops were processed with preventive detention accused of aggravated homicide by treachery and for their role as members of a security force.

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