An OnlyFans creator can accumulate great fortunes, due to subscriptions and gifts made by fans.

For several years now, digital platforms have positioned themselves as one of the main sources of income for millions of digital creatives, thanks to the great reach they can have and the business relationships that influencer marketing can generate; However, in recent months the number of users and content creators within the OnlyFans platform has grown significantly, who manage to generate large fortunes in short periods of time, some with up to three different accounts, so now it has become revealed how much one of the main content creators earns.

Today, it is estimated that just over 97 percent of active Internet users in Mexico consume some type of streaming content, spending just over an hour and 26 minutes daily connected to the different platforms, a figure that shows the growing popularity of video entertainment consumption.

For consumers, this reflects a strong monthly expense, since, on average, the cost of the different platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney plus, among others, is around 300 pesos, while access to other platforms such as OnlyFans o Fansly, set a base fee of at least 5 dollars (just over 100 pesos).

OnlyFans; this wins a world top content creator, with up to three accounts

Content creation is one of the main sources of income for digital content creators, so much so that, according to, it is estimated that an average creative can earn just over 111 thousand pesos annually, a figure that can grow exponentially due to advertising collaborations, gifts and donations that users usually give to creatives, generating large sums of money, as pointed out by Bryce Adams, who warns that he went from earning 62 dollars in one night to $6.5 million in just over a year.

According to the content creator, she invests about 80 hours a week in the platform, in addition to managing three different accounts, in which she offers content depending on the subscription plan, since the first and most expensive round 24 dollars per month, while its average plan is offered for a cost of just over 6 dollars, in addition to having a free subscription plan, in which it ensures that the offer is constant, with the intention that users acquire a subscription from one of your other accounts.

The content creator had, in 2021, a user base of more than 480 thousand fans, adding just over 7.9 million likes and generating earnings of more than 4.7 million dollars; however, today, Bryce records earnings of more than 6.5 million dollars, with approximately 300 videos published and a team of 10 people.

In Mexico, the content creator Karely has positioned herself as one of the OnlyFans users who earn the most within the platform. The Mexican has 435 publications, 86 videos and more than 102 thousand followers, this within two different accounts, with a monthly subscription cost of 16 and 25 dollars, generating earnings of more than 500 thousand pesos per month.

For users and content creators, knowing the income of those who have positioned themselves within the platforms helps them to analyze the wide field of opportunities and risks that they can access by seeking media virality.

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