Analysis reveals which are the favorite toys in the United States

Analysis reveals which are the favorite toys in the United States

A Premium Joy study found that squishmallows are the most popular toy for the holiday season, beating out Hot Wheels darlings and Nerf guns.

Research from Premium Joy, the parenting blog that provides useful information on child development and educational toys, found that squishmallows are most popular as an overall favorite toy in the US, including in 21 states.

According to the information, squishmallows, which are plush toys that were released in 2017, have apparently surpassed the popularity of several other more established toys like Hot Wheels and Nerf guns this holiday season .

The research data is backed by data from Google search volumes and Google Trends over the past six months , which revealed that squishmallows are the most popular holiday toy in 21 states.

The analysis indicates that plushies outperform Hot Wheels and Nerf , which were found to be the favorite toys in only 10 and 6 states respectively.

“Each squishmallow model comes with a unique personality, including a name and backstory, making these plush toys distinct and highly collectible ,” said Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Premium Joy.

“Knowing that, I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that squishmallows have become such a hit during the holiday season,” added Alnassir.

Squishmallows went viral in 2020 thanks to social media. This was during the pandemic, where people wanted something that would give them comfort while stuck at home and under stress .

Squishmallows seem to be most popular in the Midwest and Northeast US , and some examples of states that are so fond of this toy include Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Next, the complete list of states where they reign:

– Arizona
– Connecticut
– Florida
– Illinois
– Kentucky
– Maine
– Maryland
– Massachusetts
– Michigan
– Nevada
– New Hampshire
– New Jersey
– North Carolina
– North Dakota
– Ohio
– Pennsylvania
– Rhode Island
– Texas
– Virginia
– West Virginia
– Wisconsin

These toys cost between $15 and $20 a piece and their price depends largely on the size of the squishmallow you want.

Some toys don’t have the same mass appeal in the US as Squishmallows , but are still a hit in other states, including:

– Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina have a passion for video games with Nintendo Switch .
– Iowa, Minnesota and Utah are addicted to playing with anything Lego .
– New York, Oklahoma and South Dakota are fond of creating art with Play-Doh .
– Louisiana and Tennessee love Barbie dolls as companions.
– Georgia likes surprises that come from Mini Brands . – While Washington is very obsessed with Tamagotchi
digital pets .

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