When New York will face its worst snowfall due to La Niña, according to a new weather report

When New York will face its worst snowfall due to La Niña, according to a new weather report

The winter season has yet to formally begin, although the first major snowstorm north of New York has been recorded; the La Niña phenomenon will cause an “interesting” behavior of the weather, say meteorologists; the eastern region of the country will have its biggest storms towards the end of winter

New York state and other states will have an “interesting” winter , say meteorologists about the special conditions generated by the La Niña phenomenon.

Last week, an intense storm brought more than 70 inches of snow to the north of the state, in Buffalo in particular.

This phenomenon is causing a low temperature in the rest of the region and rains that would extend until Monday, even in the Big Apple.

Said storm will not be the only similar one that can impact the northern part of New York and several states in the Eastern region, including the New England area, while in the New York metropolitan area it is expected that the greatest damage will occur towards the middle and end of winter. 2022-2023.

“The end of the season could be very interesting for the Northeast,” AccuWeather chief meteorologist Paul Pastelok explained.

AccuWeather’s map shows that New York, for example, will see heavy snow in the center and north, while to the south there will be “enough” snowfall for those who enjoy ice rinks and other snow sports.

The expert was questioned about snow storms and what that means for skiing, noting that for the moment upstate New York, some parts of New England, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan already have good skiing conditions.

“The areas that [have been] hit hard in the last two weeks have been the Cascades, the Sierra and the central Rocky Mountains,” he recalled.

Pastelok insisted that there could be some “bigger” snowstorms in the region during the second half of winter.

The problem in some resorts for skiers is that La Niña also causes waves of warm or very mild temperatures, which make it impossible to maintain the snow for skiing.

“Resorts from North Carolina to Pennsylvania may have to rely on artificial snow for the first half of winter,” he said.

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