Cecilia Priego passed away after facing an illness since 2021, at the beginning of this year she said: ‘I don’t want to go in pieces’.

The death of actress Cecilia Priego, originally from Tabasco, was announced on September 30. The Mexican performer is remembered mainly for her participation in theater, as well as in small roles in productions such as Lo que callamos las mujeres, La reina del sur and HBO’s Amsterdam.

Through a brief statement on Facebook, the company Teatro en 30 shared the news of her passing: “It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of our operating director: Cecilia Priego. The Teatro en 30 family regrets her departure and offers its condolences to her family and loved ones. Her memory will live in our hearts forever. Fly high, Ceci.”

Cecilia was the daughter of Tabasco singer Freddy Persa, who in 2021 participated in the reality show La Voz Senior on Yahir’s team.

Politicians such as Morena federal deputy Óscar Cantón Zetina have dedicated messages to the young actress:

“My dear Cecilia Priego, we will always remember you with that great smile and the joy you overflowed before and after going on stage. You leave a great legacy of life in those of us who knew you,” she wrote on Twitter.

What did Cecilia Priego die of?

Although the official cause of her death was not revealed, Cecilia was suffering from cancer, as she told through social networks.

She was on the YouTube program Ardura MX Conversa earlier this year, where she said that in March 2021, after she got sick with COVID, she went to the gynecologist and was told that she had cervical cancer in the first stage and the symptoms had accelerated due to her infection. She underwent a hysterectomy.

“It has been a complicated battle,” the actress commented on the YouTube channel, “I don’t want to go in pieces, they already removed my womb, then it’s going to be the kidney, I don’t want that.”

On Freddy Persa’s personal Facebook page, he wrote a message to his daughter:

“I don’t remember the day, the hour, but since this battle of your illness began, I started to write always thanking god for your falls and your risings, I understood that it was not easy for you nor for us as your FAMILY, but you always showed your strength, your faith your will to live as a tireless warrior”.

The musician added that Cecilia beat the disease twice and in the midst of it all continued with her work and love for the theater.

“Today my flock is very sad, one of my sheep is leaving me, I am sure that God will take her in his…. Today the curtain closes for you on earth, but we are sure that your presence and your legacy will go beyond and you will continue your project in heaven creating and organizing theater in heaven for your grandparents, uncles, uncles, cousins and friends who are no longer with us, forever my girl,” added Persa.

Who was Cecilia Priego?

Cecilia Priego was born into a family immersed in the entertainment industry, her father is a singer, her mother a stylist and since she was a child she wanted to be an actress.

She studied at the artistic and acting training center El Set, of the first actor Luis Felipe Tovar, where she was partner of Adrián Uribe, Omar Chaparro, Lalo España.

By 2009, she got small roles in telenovelas such as Pasión Morena and Huérfanas. As Cecilia recounted on her Facebook page, she appeared in the first season of La reina del sur (2011):

“What beautiful memories, how nice to remember how we chopped stone to enter the small screen and the first TV series sharing frame with LOS GRANDES (today platforms). On many occasions I was made fun of for appearing for 5 seconds or even more, but you have no idea how much these opportunities cost”.

Priego dedicated herself to teaching acting, she was also operational director of the Teatro en 30 project, alongside Tabasco’s Victor Balboa. Also, one of her latest projects was in the HBO series Amsterdam, which premiered in 2022.

According to her biography, in TV Azteca, she participated in projects such as Lo que callamos las mujeres, A cada quien su santo, Siempre tuya Acapulco, La otra cara del alma, Entre el amor y el deseo, Pasión morena, Pobre diabla, Quiéreme tonto, Vidas robadas and more.

Cecilia acted in the short film Al fin amor, directed by her teacher Luis Felipe Tovar, as well as in the series Un mal date, alongside Ximena Sariñana.

Almost two months ago, in August, Cecilia graduated with a degree in Management and Promotion of Culture: “in the midst of such a storm, God doesn’t let me go”, she commented on Facebook.

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