Travel is the highlight of the year and real quality time! Just thinking about where to go, hours of clicking through the most beautiful photo series and researching the ideal hotel inspire the senses and act as a true mood lifter. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s an exotic island paradise , a round trip along spectacular coastal routes or a glamorous city trip – if you’re prone to travel problems such as poor circulation, nausea and/or swollen legs, the anticipation can be overshadowed immensely.

According to experts, the right diet can be used to prevent this in a targeted manner and alleviate some stomach rumblings and calf pinching before it becomes a real burden. It’s important to start early and be consistent, especially in the days leading up to departure and on the day of the trip itself.

With the following tips and tricks, typical travel complaints can be prevented and acute discomfort can be effectively cushioned. Try it out and then start your holiday relaxed and full of anticipation!

Travel Diet: Everything about the diet and the nutritional tricks that prevent typical travel problems
Problem: Nausea and circulatory problems

Circulatory problems, dizziness and nausea are among the most common and most unpleasant forms of travel problems, often occur in children and young people, but can also spoil the arrival and departure for many adults. Especially women who have to struggle with hormonal fluctuations , for example during puberty, pregnancy, perimeno or menopause, are affected and often struggle for hours with discomfort and nausea.

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