Looking for a sunny travel destination? You are guaranteed to find something here

We have discovered three beautiful spots that you should not miss in winter if you get too cold here. Because summer, sun and sunshine await you there!

The wanderlust is back and you want to travel to a warm place? How about one of these three destinations

We won’t deny that autumn and winter also have a plus or two on our list, but sometimes we just want to escape the cold for a few days and what could be easier than flying to a country where it is feels warm all year round and where we can also lie on the beach in a bikini and with a cocktail in hand. This should no longer remain just a wishful thinking, but we want to put it into practice right now with this article and give you a few great suggestions on where you could go in the near future!

1. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is made up of nine inhabited islands and they are all different. For example, you can enjoy the sea and the beach on the island of Sal and take one or two surfing lessons at the same time. In addition to beaches, Santiago also has mountains and the island’s capital, Praia. There you can also admire historical buildings and enjoy a drink in one of the bars in the evening. Which island you choose or whether you choose island hopping is up to you. But one more piece of information: The night-time temperature does not fall below 18 degrees even in winter and during the day it is pleasantly warm. So ideal for a break!


No matter which part of Thailand you choose, it will definitely be warm. The temperatures in the winter months are between 21 and 30 degrees and that is exactly what we want and need! So a trip to the most famous and largest island of Koh Samui is worth considering. On the you can relax at Chaweng Beach or Lamai Beach and go swimming in the sea. Because the water temperature does not drop below 27 degrees all year round! If you prefer a little more partying, the island of Koh Phangan should not be missed. In addition to the many full moon parties, there is also a jungle and numerous waterfalls to admire. So what are you waiting for?


The island state in the Indian Ocean is a popular travel destination and should not be ignored, especially in the colder months in this country. Because even in Mauritius there are more warm than cold days! In addition to the capital Port Louis, which is definitely one of the sights, there is of course a huge world of plants and animals to discover. The island also offers the perfect mix of mountains and water, so you can climb “Le Morne Brabant”, for example. Afterwards there is a delicious meal in one of the many local restaurants and the holiday is perfect!

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