Llucalcari: discover one of the most charming llogarets in Mallorca

Llucalcari: discover one of the most charming llogarets in Mallorca

Mallorca is full of magical places, although many of them are still completely unknown to most of those who visit the island.

The llogarets are some of them. Corners that unite us with the most genuine side of this wonderful land that is always willing to reveal its deepest roots.

We reach the Sierra de Tramuntana to discover Llucalcari, one of the most charming llogarets on the largest of the Gimnesias islands.

Places where you can breathe the true essence of Mallorca

The llogarets, often translated into Spanish as “villages”, are nothing more than the entities called “districts” in the peninsula.

These are population centers, sparsely inhabited and small in size that, given their characteristics, are linked to other municipalities because they do not have sufficient entity to form an independent administrative unit.

In Mallorca, traditionally, this category is applied to groups of at least twelve dwellings, and they are usually located, as is logical, in the rural areas of the island.

Its origin dates back to the times of Islamic domination, when it was about farmhouses or agricultural estates in which one or several families exploited the land of the place in question.

After the conquest of the island by Jaime I, in the 13th century, these groups continued their work, historically linked to a possessió or sometimes ending up becoming, already in the Modern Age, a municipality, given the growth in size and importance that they were acquiring in certain cases.

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The few houses in the llogarets make places like Llucalcari a unique place to spend a quiet day
The few houses in the llogarets make places like Llucalcari a unique place to spend a quiet day

The current llogarets are scattered settlements that are part of the rural world of the island, signifying an essential part of Majorcan culture despite the fact that in many of them the main agricultural or livestock activity has been abandoned.

Llucalcari, like the numerous llogarets existing throughout this Mediterranean territory, are places full of authenticity where you can breathe a calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism.

The charm exuded by the houses and buildings that make up the whole of this llogaret, as well as its excellent location in a privileged spot, make it a notable point worth noting if we visit Mallorca.

In the heart of the Tramuntana mountains

Located between Deià and Sóller, in the middle of the Tramuntana mountain range, Llucalcari is made up of a group of houses, a small chapel and three unique buildings – Casa d’Amunt, Can Simó and Can Apol loni – a reminder of the defense towers which constituted the ancient watchtowers arranged along the coast to defend it from external attacks -.

One of them, Can Apol loni, is currently a beautiful hotel called Hoposa Costa d’Or, an establishment that has all the necessary services to enjoy a stay in an isolated place like this.

Extended along the slope that inclines towards the sea, which is only less than a hundred meters away from it, the beautiful landscape that we will find is dominated by masses of trees of Mediterranean species and small olive groves, some of them centuries old. .

The coastal attraction, in addition to the formidable views of one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca, is provided by a small cove located towards the eastern part of the llogaret.

Es Canyeret, a small cove of stones and rock, only fifty meters long, to which the relatively difficult access gives it a low influx, which makes it highly appreciated by those who want to enjoy this calm coast or by those who want to practice nudism.

The absence of services, far from being an inconvenience, helps to bring authenticity to the place and allows it to be in harmony with the environment and with the genuine and rural character of Llucalcari.

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