Why Meta is restricting my account on Instagram and Facebook

The company also explains how to fix restriction issues as appropriate.

The rules of platforms like Facebook and Instagram are getting stricter and stricter, which is why it is important to be aware of the reasons why Meta decides to restrict some accounts.

Why Meta restricts an account:

To prevent people from having bad experiences and foster meaningful connections, the platform monitors and investigates the behavior of advertisers and marketers on Meta technologies.

In certain cases, restrictions may be placed on businesses to limit their ability to post ads or sell on Meta technologies. The following are some of the reasons why they decide to make the restriction:

– The user is not following the community standards: they apply to people around the world and to all types of content which include specific lines detailing content that is not allowed and content that requires additional information or context to enforce their standards. (Content that is allowed with a warning screen or content that is allowed, but can only be viewed by adults over the age of 18).

– There is restriction of an account if Meta considers an account to be at risk or hacked.

– Authentication requirements are not met in order to protect the account: this is a security feature whereby people are prompted to enter a special security code each time they try to access Facebook from a browser or mobile device that is not recognized.

– The advertiser is new, so they could limit the price they can spend per day or the functions they can access until they verify that they follow the platform’s policies.

Advertising restrictions

In addition to reviewing ads, they monitor and investigate the behavior of advertisers on Meta technologies. In some cases, they might apply restrictions that limit advertisers’ ability to serve ads. The goal of these restrictions is to prevent people from having bad experiences and to encourage the development of meaningful connections on Meta technologies.

Advertising restrictions may include limits on the amount an advertiser can spend per day, loss of access to some of the advertising features, or loss of the ability to serve ads on Meta technologies.

Advertising Restrictions for Policy Violations

If Meta detects that an advertiser is not in compliance with the advertising rules or other policies and terms, advertising restrictions may be imposed. These restrictions may apply to an advertiser’s Meta Business Account, advertising account, page or user account:

Meta Business Account: a type of account that connects and centralizes business assets (such as Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, advertising accounts and product catalogs) from Meta Technologies so that individuals can manage those assets together as a unified online business.

Advertising account: an account used to manage ads across all Meta technologies, allowing advertisers to create ads and ad campaigns, pay for those ads, and view statistics and analytics.

Page: a product that allows individuals and businesses to create a presence on Facebook and connect with the Facebook community. All advertisers must create a Facebook Page before they can run ads.

User account: the user account (or a personal account, such as a Facebook or Instagram account) is the account of the person running ads through an advertising account. Restrictions placed on a user account affect a person’s ability to use commercial assets.

If a business account, advertising account, page or user account is restricted, the advertiser will not be able to use them to serve ads on Meta technologies.

For example, if an advertiser’s page is restricted, the advertiser will not be able to run ads related to that page. Please note that if a user account is restricted and cannot be used to serve ads on a merchant account or an advertising account, other members of those accounts may still have the ability to serve ads.

How to solve problems with a restricted account:

1. From the computer go to Meta Account Quality.

2. Click on Account Status Summary in the left menu.

3. Click on the account where you want to resolve the restriction.

4. Find the What you can do section. If this function does not appear in the section, you can no longer perform actions in that instance.

In the What you can do section, follow the recommended steps. The following may be requested at this point: identity confirmation, complete verification, account protection, review request. Depending on the type of restriction the account has and what stage of the process the user is in, there will be different steps to follow.


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