Death of Galee Galee: the last photo and message on Instagram, and the successes he left in the urban genre.

The passing of the urban artist has caused commotion within the music scene. Just a few days ago he had premiered a new song.

The death of Gabriel Zúñiga, better known as Galee Galee has shaken the urban genre and Chilean music. The national artist, only 29 years old, was admitted to the Félix Bulnes Hospital last Friday, where after being in critical condition, he finally lost his life.

In the days prior to his death, the young singer posted a story on his Instagram account where he directly alluded to a funa that his ex-partner had made for alleged infidelities on his part. As a result, he would have decided to self-inflict a lethal wound, a situation that remains under investigation.

Just two weeks ago she released “Igual a mi”, song that would be the first of her new album titled “Abbynoor”, named in honor of her little daughter. Although undoubtedly one of his most successful hits was “Mami no estes triste”, in the company of King Savagge, el Bai, Jxny, and Jaudy. This single was released in the middle of the pandemic.

“Big Cut” was another track that made him jump to fame in the urban scene in our country, with Pablo Chill-e and Harry Nach, a song that went platinum and was among the most listened to songs on Spotify for several weeks.

“Lo Malo” with Polimá Westcoast, was his biggest hit of 2021. A lyric where he talks about the different problems that must be faced every day in life. While in 2022 he released “A Perriarla” with Pailita and Cris Mj. Song that already has more than 3.7 million views on Youtube.

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