The frosted finish of the rear glass would come to the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. This change could confirm a new design language for the Pro models of this new family of Apple devices.

A new rumor coming from Weibo, the popular Chinese website, seems to portend a design change for the base models of the iPhone 15. In this new generation, Apple would manufacture its new standard version with frosted glass. So far, this language belonged only to the Pro family of iPhones, but it seems to be spreading.

In addition to this change in design, the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will be available in a new cyan color. As described by the report’s sources, the shade would be quite similar to what was seen with the green color released by Apple on its iPhone 12 and 12 mini.

Of course, coming from Weibo, you have to take all this information with a grain of salt. Until Apple confirms this – and it won’t do so until the day of the unveiling – you can’t take anything for granted. However, the source has already managed to get it right in the past, when it announced that Cupertino would release versions of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus in yellow.

The design change extends across the entire iPhone 15 and 15 Pro family.

The change in the design language of the standard iPhone 15 models would mean that, following all the rumors and reports, Apple would have officially mutated the physical appearance of its Pro versions. After all, it is these that take the most care when it comes to manufacturing, as well as unique design and sleeker colors.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro models are going to the other side of the chromatic circle, and could arrive in a new color described as deep red. What has been seen so far seems to point to a red wine hue for Apple’s most powerful device, adding a distinguished touch to this series of devices.

As of today we have seen numerous rumors regarding the design of the iPhone 15 Pro. Most of them seem to indicate new curved titanium edges, a glossy finish for its back, and the elimination of the mute switch. Recall that the latter has been in the schematics of every model released, starting on the first iPhone. For this, we are facing a total renewal of what we know.

The new iPhone 15 family would be presented later this year, in September. However, before they arrive, Apple has to present iOS 17 and many other new features, among which we could find its long-awaited mixed reality glasses.

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