We have already known the decisions of the couples of the sixth edition of island of temptations. Few surprises and many dramas. We had seen the cold reunion between Laura there alexander. He couldn’t help but be disappointed after seeing how his daughter got involved in Saul and, above all, he criticized their relationship.

Laura continued to maintain that Alejandro behaved like a robot during this experiment. “I have always been me. The Laura outside was a bitter Laura,” he began by saying before cutting it off. Sandra Barneda She asked him to let her speak.

“Outside I saw something, I thought I was doing the right thing, what I wanted, as the days passed I realized I was an aunt who didn’t trust her at all. Outside I saw life like this because you never stop, you’re in a routine and you don’t think about what you really want. here over the days my head started to think and I said: Laura you are 23 years old and you are going to come home with you and your father”, he began to explain.

I saw gaps in our relationship that I didn’t like, like you weren’t a retailer“, he added, creating another discussion because they did not see it in the same way.

They watched pictures together and each continued their speech. She defended that she took the time to think things through and realized what she didn’t want. He insisted that he hadn’t told her any of this on the outside and reminded her that he had always criticized infidelity and fell in love with it.

a good farewell

After seeing the pictures, Sandra asked them to speak from the heart and there they both broke up. “She knows she was the love of my life. I let you know at all times. I don’t regret anything I did for her.On the contrary, I am happy to have taught him things. I was his hero once, but now he doesn’t need me.”

“I promise you that what I want most in the world is for you to be happy, I tell you from the bottom of my heart and you know it. For me you have been my daughter, my light, despite all this, for me you are very important and clearly, I’ll never forget everything we’ve been through. I understand that you have realized things that you do or don’t want in your life, and I really do understand.

A few words full of generosity that made the public fall in love with him and defend his passage on the island.

“I’m so sorry that we came in super in love and super fine. To me, you were one of the most important people in my life. I will always thank you for getting me out of the shit I was in . To me you were my hero back then, you know. I love you very much and you know it,” Laura began, opening up.

“That I got carried away by him, yes. That I have a connection with him, yes. But it was a plus, first I realized that I didn’t want this life with you. I know outside I was telling you something else, because then I felt it too. But then I realized I didn’t want it. What I feel the most is that I was getting carried away by my heart, but I was breaking your fucking heart and that’s the least I wanted,” he added.

“I’m so proud of her that she wants to take the step of loving herself. It will be good for you to heal. Everything I’ve seen really hurt me a lot, but I want her to be happy and Sandra deserves it. I promise you he’s a very good person, he’s an angeland that’s what I want the most,” concluded Alejandro.

In the end, both they made the decision to go there alone. Her so that she can learn to love herself and start a new life. Him to heal.

We now have to see their reunion six months later, which from what we saw in the preview, will continue to be the protagonist of the fights.

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