In recent days, numerous SMS scams have been detected in which IPhone users were asked for their keys and passwords.

Apple users are the target of a new mass cyber-attack aimed at Apple users. This new offensive against the company has been detected by the security software package Symantec. After the suspicions became noticeable, the company calls for caution and great care not to offer the personal credentials of each user to entities outside the company itself.

The scam follows the usual patterns that have been occurring in recent times: through a text message, a terminal posing as an Apple manager asks the user for their password and Apple ID, thus incurring in a trap that facilitates access to data in an irregular way and by people outside the brand itself.

In this case, the sophistication of the portal where such data is requested, and even the CAPTCHA itself, which is normally associated with secure locations, make it relatively easy to fall into the trap, leaving all personal data stored in the account of the corresponding Apple device unprotected.

There is also an email version of the scam, which can be identified by looking at the address it was sent from. If it contains strange characters, nonsense or misspellings , you can be sure that it is a trap.

How to protect yourself against cyber-attacks like this one?

Apple’s official website displays a space intended to help users identify fake and real pages. First of all, the company asks individuals not to be more alert than they should be, since these attacks do not usually target ordinary people. In addition, they ask for extreme caution regarding the security and authenticity of sites and links received by email or text message.

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