Opera GX is the world’s first dedicated gaming web browser. It arrives today on iOS and Android in beta. What to expect?

Mobile video games have become very popular. They have also evolved a lot, especially towards cloud gaming. Often, it is enough to simply use a web browser. But this browser can apparently be optimized to allow you to play in the best conditions. It is the promise in any case of Opera GX. This browser is also coming to mobile.

The browser dedicated to gaming Opera GX arrives on mobile

Today there are a number of web browsers to choose from, both desktop and mobile. Opera is one of the options currently available. In 2019, the company decided to create a separate version, Opera GX, designed and designed for gamers.

This browser offers features such as a CPU and RAM resource limiter, to give users complete flexibility as to the resources available for the browser, and therefore for the game.

In a beta version for the moment

Today, it looks like Opera is ready to bring its GX browser to mobile devices. Note, Opera GX for mobile is currently only available in beta, but the application is fully operational. If you are interested in knowing what such software can save you.

According to Opera’s release, “first of all, you have personalized navigation with the quick action button and haptic (vibration) feedback. On top of all this, you can easily sync your mobile and desktop browsers with the Flow feature – you can share your files, notes, videos, and other in-game content like walkthroughs, tutorials, and other builds of your characters between devices. There is also instant access to GX Corner, a space dedicated to gaming news, bargains and game releases.”

The company also claims that the design of the browser was inspired by gaming and equipment dedicated to gaming. And if you have little taste for the dark tones of current mobile browsers, Opera GX allows you to choose from various “gaming” themes. In any case, this is an interesting option on the mobile web browser market.

If you are curious, you can participate in the beta for iOS or Android. The link will make you download the APK directly.

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