Do you feel the soul of an Indiana Jones and the legs of a Yamakasi? Then Phantom Abyss is for you! This new game announced by Devolver Digital is already intriguing by its concept.

Phantom Abyss mixes the mechanics of several genres in one asynchronous multiplayer game. In the game, you will have to go through levels strewn with pitfalls in order to recover treasures, and especially to find an ancient sacred relic.

Explore temples full of randomly generated traps (the rogue-like side), armed with your whip (used to trigger switches or grab hold of you somewhere) and leaping thanks to your parkour skills, all in first person.

It’s a multiplayer game where you’ll have to progress despite obstacles, but let’s be clear: the comparison with Fall Guys already ends there. Indeed, the multiplayer is a little different from the majority of the games.

Here, each of your Relic Races will be accompanied by about twenty ghosts of other players. These will therefore allow you to see where the others have been before you, what they picked up, where they succeeded but above all where they failed, where they were trapped.

There will be different treasures to find, more or less difficult to reach, but a single legendary relic in each temple generated.

Above all, you will only have one try: each player has only one attempt by level generated, and if one of them manages to recover the Legendary Relic, they will be able to claim the temple, which will destroy it forever for all players..

A social aspect of the game will also allow you to share “Temple Codes” of your failed attempts. So, your friends will be able to try the same temple as you. You can also share your “Adventure Code“, a playlist of all the temples you’ve tried before.

The further you go into the temple, the better the rewards: you can improve your whip, learn abilities like the double-jump.

Like most rogue-likes, each run will be a way to learn the mechanics of the game obviously, but also to improve his equipment and his character. But what makes Phantom Abyss special is its platformer side, the parkour.

Movements are fluid, speed can be just as much an ally as an enemy. Some observers already compare the game’s moves to Mirror’s Edge.

Developed by Team Wiby and published by Return, Phantom Abyss should be available for Early Access on Steam in June.

Note, the game was announced in partnership with Nvidia GeForce Now, since it will be available from its launch in early-access on the catalog of the cloud-gaming service.

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