The Apple iPhone SE 2022 could cost

The Apple iPhone SE 2022 could cost “only” $300

Towards an iPhone SE 2022 at only $300? And 5G compatible what’s more?

The Apple iPhone SE is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the high-end devices that the Apple brand usually offers. The device is currently offered from $545, which is actually cheaper than the other models in the range, but not really affordable either.

All the more so when competitors like Xiaomi, Poco or Samsung have cheaper devices. The next iPhone SE could precisely allow the Cupertino company to compete in this segment.

Towards an iPhone SE 2022 at only $300?

Indeed, if a report by Investor’s Business Daily is to be believed, Loop Capital Markets analyst John Donovan cites multiple sources that informed him that the 2022 iPhone SE could be priced around $300.

Which would be $100 less than the asking price for the current-gen model. In addition, rumors claim that this 2022 version could be 5G compatible, which would make it an extremely interesting offer.

And 5G compatible what’s more?

Although such an iPhone SE at this price would remain more expensive than many entry-level devices on the market, it could be very attractive to many users who would hesitate to abandon Android to switch to iOS, especially if the price was the main reason that kept them on Android and prevented them from having an iPhone.

Of course, all this, for now, is pure rumour. Take it with a grain of salt.

For what we know at the moment, the Cupertino company could decide to keep its price of $400. And with the possible integration of 5G, the price could even be higher than for the current generation. We will have to wait to find out what exactly it is about. Patience.

Rachel Maga
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