The multinational Google Europe reported on Tuesday that it blocked YouTube broadcasts in Europe of the media linked to the Russian state , such as ‘RT’ and ‘Sputnik’, as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

Google Europe, which has its base of operations on the continent in Dublin, explained on its Twitter account that its teams of experts ” will closely monitor the situation “ to take action quickly and effectively regarding the crisis.

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we have blocked YouTube channels linked to ‘RT’ and ‘Sputnik’ across Europe, effective immediately ,” the US tech giant stressed. 

The popular internet video platform had already recently limited the ability of these media outlets to monetize their content through advertising.

And it is not the only platform that chose to take action in this regard. Google’s announcement comes after the technology company Meta confirmed that it will restrict access to both Russian media on its social networks, which include Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, at the request of the European Union (EU).

Twitter chose to place a specific label on information from various media outlets and journalists affiliated with the Russian government, which it did not mention, and reduce its visibility. Each tweet that contains a link to a media outlet close to the Kremlin will have the mention ” this tweet links to the site of a media outlet affiliated with the Russian government ” added.

” Many are looking for credible information due to the conflict in Ukraine.  We are adding a label to tweets related to state media and reducing the visibility of this content ,” tweeted Yoel Roth, head of platform integrity at Twitter.

Microsoft has also removed them from its app store, signaling that the tech giants are taking a new step to limit the influence of media close to Russian power accused of misinformation.

” These unprecedented suspensions are a clear attack on freedom of expression ,” was Sputnik’s reaction on its website, ” but you can always follow Sputnik on (messaging service) Telegram so you don’t miss important information .”

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