Switching from iOS to Android and keeping your data is now much easier with the new official Google app

Switching from iOS to Android and keeping your data is now much easier with the new official Google app

Going from iOS to Android is not easy, since many applications are not the same from one operating system to another. But now this migration is a bit easier. Google has launched a new app on the App Store that aims to do just that: make it easier to switch from iOS to Android.

‘Switch to Android’ is Google’s new app that will allow iPhone users to switch to Android and migrate their contacts, events, photos and videos.

Going from iOS to Android just got a little easier

Apple has since 2015 its application ‘Switching to iOS’, now ‘Switch to Android’ arrives as an answer in the opposite direction . It is an app that has been rumored for several years and now it officially reaches the Apple application store.

Switch to Android is available on the App Store , only for iPhones starting with iOS 12.0 . As described, with this application we can quickly move our most important data from iPhone to a new Android device without using cables, using WiFi.

Specifically, the application will allow contacts from the iOS calendar to be transferred to Google, Apple calendar events to Google Calendar and images stored in iCloud to Google Photos . Also the videos.

The operation is simple. Before moving to the new Android mobile, we will install this application on the iPhone and activate a kind of backup. Then when we start the Android mobile, the system will detect this data that we had on the iPhone through a QR code .

Another aspect that the application takes into account is about messages. Switching to Android will ask us to disable iMessage so that we receive all SMS.

At the moment, the Google application does not allow saving the third-party applications that we have installed. Predictably for a security and privacy issue.

Rachel Maga
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