“Bravely Default II”, the latest work in the “Bravely” series, an RPG for Nintendo Switch scheduled to be released by Square Enix on February 26, 2021. The trial version “Final Demo” is being distributed.

In “Final Demo”, you can play the story from the beginning to the middle of “Chapter 1” of this work with the jobs and items that can be obtained in the early stages. Although there is a time limit of 5 hours, it is a content that you can enjoy a part of the story set in the drought country Savaron and the deep battle that will be introduced in the future.

I have no experience in the series, but I played it because it is a completely new work that has no connection with the previous work. Since it is a Square Enix RPG, items like “potion” and magic names such as “Blizato” have some parts in common with FINAL FANTASY, so it was easy to attach and play crisply.

Bravely Default II (Amazon)

Bravely Default II (Rakuten)


▲ The trial version starts with all the party members and some items.

■ The event scene is full voice.The graphics of the city are beautiful

The first thing that catches your eye when you play is the graphics. Since it is set in the desert, the graphic of the field does not look good, but the first Savaron to visit has a large scale of buildings and objects, which is attractive with a warm pattern.


▲ The trial version of Savaron is a desert country, but it is full of water due to the influence of “water crystals”.

In addition, the event is also full voice, and the facial expressions of the characters change, so it is a good impression that you can feel the attention to detail in the production side. However, the graphic of the character seems to be a little big, and it seems that likes and dislikes are divided.


▲ In the event scene, not only the facial expressions of the characters but also the details such as eye movements change.

Also, the graphics of the fields and dungeons are beautiful, but I’m a little dissatisfied with the symbol encounter. If you enlarge the mini-map, you may not be able to see the enemy, or the enemy may be hard to see due to the background color, so there were times when you engaged in battle even though you wanted to avoid battle, so I want you to improve that. felt.


▲ The graphics in the dungeon have a nice atmosphere.


▲ This work is a symbol encounter.Enemies basically head towards you, but enemies weaker than you will run away.

■ “Brave” and “default” are the keys in battle

By the way, the feature of this work is the battle system. This work is based on the common turn-based RPG, but the existence of two systems that can increase the number of actions that can be performed at one time, “Brave” and “Default”, enhances the strategy.

In Brave, it is possible to increase the number of actions in one turn by consuming BP (Brave points). It is an aggressive action that can be performed up to 4 times in one turn. On the other hand, the default is defensive action, which allows you to charge BP while reducing the damage received that turn. By defaulting, you can accumulate up to 3 BPs, and you can also borrow BP in advance. Also, if you borrow BP in advance, BP will be negative and you will not be able to act until it returns to 0, so be careful.

By mastering this system, you can also perform combos such as continuous attacks and combos such as strengthening yourself with assistive techniques and then releasing attack techniques.


▲ In Brave, you can borrow BP in advance and attack many times in one turn.


▲ The default is defensive action. You can reduce damage while charging BP

Enemy monsters also use Brave and Default, so you will have to struggle as a small fish until you get used to the system. The writer was killed by small fish several times, but the one that struggled especially was the boss battle. I was struck by a series of all-out attacks, buffing techniques, and being pushed all at once.

The importance of defaults becomes apparent as you play. Since it reduces damage, you can stabilize it for the time being, and by increasing the BP of the recovery role against the enemy’s rush, you will be able to survive even in a crisis situation. I will. Counterattack from defense seems to be a basic strategy for strong opponents. On the other hand, hunting small fish for experience points and item earning, which is common in RPGs, seems to end quickly with BP advance borrowing.


▲ If you keep the recovery role BP, recovery in a pinch will be easier.


▲ Boss and strong enemies counter specific actions.

■ Job system that deepens party organization

Another feature of this work is the highly flexible “job” system. In this work, the abilities that can be used are different for each job, and you can set the main job and sub job for each character. New abilities can be acquired by raising the job level that exists separately from the character’s level, and this seems to be a major development factor.


▲ Jobs can be changed at any time in the field.Also, the appearance of the character changes depending on the main job.


▲ It is important not only to attack the enemy with brave and default, but also to attack the enemy with weak weapons and attributes.

In this trial version, “White Mage” who uses recovery magic from the beginning, “Black Mage” who attacks magic, “Vanguard” who can act as both a shield and an attacker, and “Monk” who is good at melee attacks. You can use the dexterous “Suppin” job, and you can use “Ginyu Poet” who can buff all allies by advancing the story, and “Magic Beast Master” who can use monsters.


▲ Vanguard that can be used from the beginning.It’s an important job for the party along with the recovery role because it acts as a shield.


▲ A demon beast user that can be used from the middle.You can capture and use monsters

The job also has a unique special move that can be activated by using the ability a certain number of times. Its Special Move not only causes great damage to one enemy and recovers all allies, but also brings buffs to allies, so I would like to use it at the best timing according to the situation of BP.


▲ The special move will have a special effect, and the BGM will change.

The combination of main and sub jobs is free, and it is OK even if there are characters of the same job, so the range of party formation is quite wide. You can also search for a combination of jobs that suits your play style, select the types of monsters that appear, and select and challenge effective jobs against strong enemies. Besides that, you can set a job that matches the image of your favorite character, and you can also play tied up like “Everyone White Mage”. In this way, the job system gives the impression that the range of ways to play this work is expanding.

■ After clearing, there are some extra elements …

If you clear the story that you can play in the trial version, you can play a little extra element. Please play this and check it out. The difficulty level of this trial version is fairly high, and it is difficult if you do not think and play, but it will not take much time to clear. I was able to clear it in less than 2 hours and 50 minutes, so feel free to download it.

As far as I played the trial version, I felt that this work has its own strategic fun by adding elements such as the system around BP and the job system to the royal road RPG. .. You can expect the product version as well.

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