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New iMac: with much thinner edges?

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Rumors of a new design for the iMac have been rife for some time. It would also be fashionable. But what to expect

It has been several years, too many years, perhaps, that theiMac still has the same design to offer. Some may start to find the time long. But it looks like the machine is about to have a whole new look. What to expect Here are some new leads.

A whole new design for the next iMacs?

For some time now, we’ve been hearing rumors here and there that the Cupertino company could finally offer the iMac a brand new design. The current design has nothing to be ashamed of, but we have to admit that it can look somewhat dated. Particularly with its so wide edges and its prominent “chin” on the lower part. The good news, for those who are a little fed up with this design, is that the apple brand has planned some major changes.

With noticeably thinned edges?

Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, reports a certain number of modifications planned by Apple for this iMac concerning its design. And it looks like the edges and that chin are disappearing. Obviously, it will not be possible to completely eliminate the edges, but these should be considerably reduced. As a result of this cosmetic operation, the machine should be quite similar to the Pro Display XDR screen.

And if that were to be the case, this would not be very surprising. Indeed, when Apple launched its Thunderbolt Displays, they offered a design similar to that of the iMac. Currently, there is a definite design gap between the Pro Display XDR and the iMac but this new design would once again homogenize all of this.

Mark Gurman also reports that these new iMacs would have an Apple Silicon M series chip. Not an M1 chip but a new generation, whatever its name. These new iMacs should be formalized later this year. A recent report even suggested that this announcement could take place in March.

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