The iPhone 15 is said to have problems with some charging cradles from BMW. It would only be half as bad if it simply did not charge, but the constellation ensures that the NFC chip in the iPhone 15 no longer works afterwards. According to Apple, technicians can try restarting the NFC chip in an affected iPhone using a software tool from Apple Service Toolkit 2. If that step doesn’t fix the problem, Apple advises technicians to initiate a hardware repair.

BMW confirmed the story and according to the new report, an internal Apple memo also confirms this. They say they should be able to sort the whole thing out with an update. In that memo, which was shared with authorized Apple service providers, Apple explains that charging an iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max with a “small number” of wireless chargers installed in certain recent BMW and Toyota Supra models can temporarily disable the device’s NFC capabilities. No specific reason for the problem is given in the memo. No specific date has been given for the update in question, though it is likely to be rolled out this year.

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