Time passes and rumors around the next Apple smartphone are getting denser. Today, we have near-certainties on quite a few elements of the iPhone 14, in particular its design, and a brand new feature, the subject of this article: the satellite connection. You’ll see, it’s more useful than you think.

Apple iPhone 14 Rumor Update

While the iPhone 13 is only 6 months old, its successor is already eagerly awaited by a bunch of people, Apple fans eager to renew their phone in 2022.

Expected for next September, the iPhone 14 promises to bring a lot of changes. As usual, towards the end of March, we were treated to rumors about the look of the product.

These rumors are extremely reliable because it is at this time of the year that the design is definitively validated and the first prototypes are built. The various sources that intersect at the end of March almost always end up being proven right in the big reveal in September.

Today, here is what we “know” about the iPhone 14:

  • In terms of design, therefore, the famous notch should disappear, at least on the Pro models. It would be replaced by two punches, a small round one and an oblong one.
  • For the first time since the iPhone 6S, Apple is increasing the number of MegaPixels in its cameras. We would therefore go from 12 Mpx to 48 Mpx on the main sensor (so it would be slightly larger).
  • A priori, only Pro models will be entitled to the new chip, probably called A16. The already very powerful A15 bionic would remain on the classic iPhone 14.

And that’s about it. But if we write this article, it is because there is something new!

iPhone 14: Finally the satellite connection on Apple smartphones!

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was already talking about the arrival of this feature on the iPhone 13. All Apple fans know it well, this man is extremely well informed and if he throws out any info, it’s that she is solid.

Mark Gurman, another leading specialist working for our colleagues at Bloomberg, was rather betting on the arrival of the satellite connection for the iPhones of 2022. According to the latest rumors rumored by a renowned Chinese site, Mark Gurman was right.

The Apple Watch Series 8 and the iPhone 14 would therefore indeed be entitled to a satellite connection.

This technology makes it possible to connect to telecommunications satellites located in the low orbit of planet Earth. Well, that’s very nice, but, said like that, it may not speak to you at all. What does it change on a daily basis?

Like Elon Musk’s Star Link project, the satellite connection simply allows to have a network, or even to have the internet, in completely isolated areas : from the house lost in the countryside at the top of a mountain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

So you can make an emergency call anytime, anywhere. Since the application Health of the iPhone and the Apple Watch is always more efficient and precise, your medical form could be sent as soon as possible, accompanied by your exact position, no matter where you are.

One can imagine that the iPhone could be able to contact the emergency services alone if he understands that you are in danger and isolated (he already does this for people with an Apple Watch who fall but do not get up).

In short, it may not look like much, but the iPhone 14 could save your life.

This new feature would still raise a few questions, particularly with regard to its price. One can for example imagine that it is unlocked for free for an emergency call but that it will be paid for by subscription for people who simply wish to have the network in isolated areas.

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