Christian Nodal has already forgotten about Belinda and the singer was caught again with a woman (Aurora Cárdenas), who they say is his new girlfriend.

Some images were spread through social networks in which Christian Nodal can be seen accompanied by a dark-haired woman with whom he is seen happy in the midst of laughter.

Internet users allegedly identified the woman with whom Nodal appears and who would presumably be his new girlfriend.

Who is the alleged girlfriend of Christian Nodal?

The woman with whom Christian Nodal was allegedly captured is called Aurora Cárdenas. Netizens discovered her Instagram profile in which it is revealed that the young woman is a specialist in the real estate sector and is also an influencer with almost 100 thousand followers.

In her Instagram posts, Christian Nodal’s alleged girlfriend shares her love for fashion, travel and luxury with her followers. In addition, the singer’s mother, Cristy Nodal, is one of the young businesswoman’s followers.

So far it is only a rumor, neither Christian Nodal nor the young woman have given any statement about the alleged romance.

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