A Norse epic set in the early 10th century following in the footsteps of a Viking prince who will do anything to avenge the murder of his father.

After his father, the king (Ethan Hawke), is assassinated by his brother (Claes Bang), a Viking prince named Amleth escapes his kingdom, vowing to return and exact revenge.

Years later, Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard) discovers that his murderous uncle has lost his kingdom and become a feudal lord. Amleth pretends to be a slave in order to get revenge, but he must decide what to do with his mother (Nicole Kidman) and his young half-brother.

Two trailers for The Northman

The Northman will be released in theaters on April 22 in the USA and May 11, 2022 in France. Icelandic poet and novelist Sjón Sigurdsson co-wrote the screenplay for the feature film with Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse, Nosferatu), which is co-financed by New Regency Pictures. Lars Knudsen, Mark Huffam and Arnon Milchan are the producers.

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