Chromebooks are solid alternatives to budget PCs and Macs, but some users may face a learning curve because it’s a new environment. Saving images in Chrome OS is similar to saving images on a PC or Mac, but slightly different. Here’s how to save images to a Chromebook.

How to save images on Chromebook

Open Google Chrome from the Chrome OS taskbar or search for it in the search bar.

Navigate to the image you want to save. Right-click the image, then click Save Image As…

In the Save File As dialog box , rename the image if you want . Then click to sign up.

How to Find Images Saved on Chromebook

After saving an image, you can click the Show in folder option to immediately find it among your files. However, if you want to search for saved images in Chrome OS, open the Files app by searching for it in search.

Click the Downloads folder under My Files in the left navigation pane.

The saved image should be at the top of the folder. Downloads . You can also click on the image library in the left navigation panel to locate your saved images.

Copy and paste an image on Chromebook

To copy and paste an image, locate the image by following the steps above. Once you find it, copy it by clicking on it and pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard, or by right-clicking on the image and selecting Copyer.

Navigate to the folder where you want to paste it using the My Files tab in the left navigation pane. To paste the image, press the button tap Ctrl + V from your keyboard or right-click on the folder and select scrunchie .

How to delete images saved on your Chromebook

Deleting a saved image on your Chrome OS device isn’t too complicated, but you can’t do it using the Pictures Library folder. The Pictures folder is just a collection of shortcuts to saved pictures, so it’s read-only. Also note that in Chrome OS, files deleted from a local folder like Downloads are permanently deleted and cannot be restored because there is no Recycle Bin or Trash folder for locally saved files.

To delete an image saved on a Chromebook, open the Files app by searching for it in search.

Locate the image in the folder where it is saved, which is usually the Downloads folder by default. Click on the image, press Alt + Backspace on your keyboard or right-click on the image and click Delete .

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments. Also check out this guide if you want to learn how to change the language on your Chromebook.

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