Google: Mobile Search gets a little Facelift

Google: Mobile Search gets a little Facelift

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Google is constantly evolving its services and products, both in terms of functionality and design. Today, mobile research is seeing a slight transformation.

Google offers a fairly impressive amount of products and services, both on the web and in more conventional installable applications. Regularly, the Mountain View firm offers updates to add new features, correct bugs and other flaws or make certain adjustments to the interface. This is precisely what it is for Google Search on mobile.

Google rolls out update for mobile search results

You should soon be able to view the results of your Google searches on mobile more easily. Indeed, Google has just initiated the deployment of a new version of its mobile searches, a purely visual redesign of search results. This should allow you to visualize these results better, to be less disturbed by the elements around. Results pages will now display full width, with bigger text, fewer shadows, and use of color to highlight what’s really important. This should allow you to locate what you’re looking for faster, according to Google.

The display is optimized to go even further to the essentials

The whole should thus appear more “Google”, so to speak, for a more homogeneous interface with the designs of current products and a more extensive use of the signature font of the American giant. You should be able to enjoy this new layout on your smartphone in the “next few days”, according to the Google press release, while the update is deployed on all servers.

This is not a major modification of the interface but there are small touches here and there always very welcome. Google is deeply convinced, and rightly so, that mobile searches should above all be fast. No need for neat and / or colorful or even animated graphics when you have only one desire: to find the most relevant link to this or that information. This redesign will have served its purpose if you spend less time finding what you want.

Rachel Maga
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