The Future of Flight Simulator: Big Plans for 2021 and Beyond

The Future of Flight Simulator: Big Plans for 2021 and Beyond

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The Microsoft Flight Simulator lets us experience virtually what we currently cannot or should not do: fly. Since August 2020, a whole lot of planes have been taking off in the virtual world every day, visiting distant countries and encountering one or the other curiosity, such as gigantic death spikes.

The flight simulator received a number of updates as early as 2020, which for example brought new graphic highlights or introduced the long-awaited VR mode. But it shouldn’t have been and that’s how the Flight Simulator wants its flight altitude 2021 with new updates maintained.

For example, if you don’t want to wait for more complex aircraft, you can use mods to remedy the situation. For example with a revised Cessna CJ4.

What is still planned for 2021

Jörg Neumann names two main topics in the stream on which the development team now wants to focus: the release of the flight simulator for the Xbox Series S / X and the deepening of core simulation mechanics.


There is still no specific release date, the release period is on Summer 2021 and Jörg Neumann did not want to give an exact release date either:

“At the moment, when we know a specific release date, we’ll tell you. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly yet, we’re working on it. We’re making good progress.”

He confirmed that the Xbox and PC versions will run on the same database. There will be a few changes, for example in the cockpit. The Xbox version, like many other Microsoft games, will run on the “buy once, play anywhere” principle. That means, if you bought the Flight Simulator on the PC, you will also be able to play it on the Xbox.

Sim recess

The second major core topic for 2021 is to work on the aircraft base stock. The planes are mainly intended in their mechanics become more detailed. You can currently have up to 30 aircraft that are not completely detailed, so as not to deter newcomers due to the high complexity:

“We wanted them keep it at a certain level that wasn’t incredibly detailed, so that every button works and everything is 100 percent accurate. We have that [Detaillevel] so made 50, 60, 70 percent independent of the aircraft. But we are now also hearing from the community that they want more. In this respect, we are continuing to work on the basic function of the aircraft.”

Together with these improvements, the VR version is to be further expanded in the future so that switches and levers can be operated with VR controllers.

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