Google Chrome 88 distribution, weak password list confirmation / update function added –GLM

Google Chrome 88 distribution, weak password list confirmation / update function added – GLM

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Google has updated the desktop and Android Chrome browsers to version 88.

Chrome has a password management function that generates and saves passwords for websites, but Chrome 88 newly checks a list of saved passwords that are vulnerable and fragile, making it easier to reset. Functions have been added.

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How to check / change weak passwords

First, click the key icon from your profile icon to display the password management screen (you can also open it with the menu button, settings, and password).

If you click “Confirm Password”, “Weak Passwords” will be listed under “Misused Passwords”, which is a conventional function.

“Weak password” is a list of web pages to log in, user name, hidden password, and can be changed from the prominent button “Change password”.

But of courseIt is meaningless unless you update the password saved on the website or service sideTherefore, the “Change Password” button is a function to open the original web page.

It is a mechanism to open the original login page with the “Change password” button, log in with the current account and password, and then select save (update) in Chrome when changing using the password change function of each service.

You may want to delete the logins that you forgot while setting the password on the spot in the past, but even if you delete the login name and password saved in Chrome, of course from the registered service Your account and data will not disappear.

It’s also a good time to revisit and close or update your forgotten services so that no personal information or inappropriate content remains.

The Chrome 88 stable update will be rolled out in stages over the next few days and weeks. If you do not receive it even after restarting Chrome or manually checking for updates, just wait and it should drop.


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