In honor of her parents, Daniela Ospina gets new tattoos

In honor of her parents, Daniela Ospina gets new tattoos

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Since her father passed away on July 13, 2019, businesswoman Daniela Ospina has not hidden from her followers how difficult it has been to face her loss and how much she remembers Don Hernán.

In fact, on July 12, the Paisa model published a photograph of her parents and her brother, which she accompanied with a moving message for her father on the one-year anniversary of his death.

“On a day like today, a year ago your little eyes were closed and they went to heaven. But I am sure that from above, there at the highest level you continue to guide me, accompany me and love me, because I have always had the certainty that your love is infinite (…) Today a year ago, you left a giant void in my heart and sometimes think how I no longer have you close to be able to kiss and hug you fills me with sadness; However, I am sure that you have never left me alone, that you are still here with me, because I feel you at every moment, in every step I take, in every act and everything I do, you are present with everything you have taught me to be a better person “wrote Ospina.

This time, Ospina shared with her Instagram followers the new tattoos that she made during her most recent trip to Colombia.

The Antioquia businesswoman, who settled in Miami a few months ago, was with Salomé enjoying a few days off and also took the opportunity to immortalize her love for her family in ink.

Thus, Ospina had three new tattoos and two of them are directly linked to his parents.

Through his Instagram stories, he shared a short video where he appears with the tattoo artist.

In honor of her parents, these are Daniela Ospina’s new tattoos

Later it was Andy, the man behind the tattoos, who revealed the three different designs he made, two of them being very similar, as they are the words chacho and chacha, a loving way in which Daniela he usually calls his parents.

These tattoos were made each on one arm, on the inside and at the height of the forearm, and a third on the outside, a butterfly.


Also, the tattoo artist published in his story a photograph in which both appear “in action”; she lying down and he very concentrated painting the tattoos.


For the moment, Ospina He has not given more details about the deep meaning of having these tattoos on his skin, the truth is that the images quickly went viral.

Although the photos were published on January 19, according to her most recent publication, Daniela is already back at her place of residence to continue working on her projects for this new year.

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