GitHub Human Resources Manager Resigns Resigned Responsible for Dismissal of Jewish Employees Using the Word “Nazi” | GLM

GitHub Human Resources Manager Resigns Resigned Responsible for Dismissal of Jewish Employees Using the Word “Nazi” | GLM

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On the day of the riots at the US Capitol, the company said that a Jewish employee on GitHub was dismissed for calling attention to a colleague using the word “Nazi”. An internal investigation revealed that he had made a “mistake”.

Erica Brescia, COO of GitHub, said in a blog post on January 17th that the company’s HR manager took full responsibility for what happened on the 16th. He said he had resigned from the company. GitHub hasn’t disclosed the name of the person who resigned, but it’s widely known that Carrie Olesen was the chief human resources officer at the company.

In a tweet on the night of the 16th, Gia Colosi, senior director of global HR services on GitHub, said about the company and HR. The tweet has since been deleted, but a screenshot is posted below.

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GitHub was my eternal job, but now it’s not. I ended up being overworked by the HR department.

That’s why personnel affairs are difficult. We don’t magically fire people unless we find a backup. And unless executives command it. The question is, why does the HR department have to blame?

“Women are in the HR department to wipe men’s backs. I’m tired,” Koroshi said in a subsequent tweet.

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Meanwhile, GitHub said it “overturned the decision to separate from the employee” and said it was in talks with the person’s agent.

“We want to say publicly to that employee. We sincerely apologize,” Brescia said in a blog post.

The dismissed employee commented on Slack that “Be careful, there seems to be a Nazi,” and then a fellow employee got angry and said that such words were not suitable for the workplace. The employee told me earlier. Two days later, he was dismissed, and a human resources officer said he cited “behavioral patterns that did not contribute to company policy” as the reason for the dismissal.

In an interview with TechCrunch earlier last week, the former employee said he was genuinely worried about his Jewish family as well as his colleagues in the area. In the interview, he said he wasn’t interested in getting his job back, but would be interested in other forms of reconciliation.


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