Huge goal, special dedication and injury: Edwin Cardona’s stellar minute to put Boca up against Banfield

Huge goal, special dedication and injury: Edwin Cardona’s stellar minute to put Boca up against Banfield

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Boca goal Edwin Cardona

Nothing at all happened in San Juan, until Edwin cardona drew and subdued Banfield. Boca did not have too many ideas in the Diego Maradona Cup final until the Colombian was enlightened at 18 minutes of the complement. Lying on the left, the number 8 received from Octopus González after a failed attempt by Mauro Zárate to make room to finish.

Maldonado came out to pressure him, who left him too much space to travel parallel to the large area and he took advantage of it. As soon as the ball was floating to hit his right instep, he grabbed it dry and left his compatriot Iván Arboleda without a chance, who flew in vain. The speed at which the ball was fired was really shocking. With this much, the native of Medellín was as second top scorer in the La Ribera team in the competition with 4 goals (above was Ramón Wanchope Ábila, with 6).

All Boca went over to celebrate, although before Cardona pointed to the sky and kissed his hand. And then came the special dedication for his partner Carlos Tevez, who is going through a difficult personal moment due to the delicate state of health that his father drags. He Apache, who entered for the end of the meeting, received both from the Colombian as a blessing and personal gift.

Cardona, the great figure of Boca with his bombshell for the 1-0 in the final against Banfield.

When the montonera blue and gold it was being redistributed again in the field of play waiting for the resumption of the service of the middle of Banfield, with Cardona included, the hitch coffee grower He winced in pain in his right adductor and began to make eye contact with the substitute bench. Miguel Ángel Russo immediately took note and called Eduardo Salvio to replace him. With all the frustration on his shoulders, Cardona had no choice but to leave the field like Jorman Campuzano, who minutes before had requested the change due to a pain in his right hamstring. While the official competition ended tonight for the Xeneize, the coaching staff took that concern from Cuyo territory because, in addition, Pulpo González ended up sore in his knee and left the field even though his team had no more changes.

The question that all Boca fans asked themselves and will continue for a while, especially after the great goal that the Diego Maradona Cup final gave the team is: Why didn’t Russo put Cardona in the Libertadores semi-final rematch against Santos in Brazil? The answer only has the Boca coach.

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