Gatorade launches Smart Patch that analyzes Sweating when Exercising

Gatorade launches Smart Patch that analyzes Sweating when Exercising

Gatorade has developed a new patch called Gx Sweat Patch; a device in the form of a sticker that measures sweat and hydration to analyze the workouts we do.

The single-use device is placed on the forearm before exercising and will analyze sweat as the routine progresses. According to the company, the patch creates a profile based on sodium loss, training intensity and body weight.

Users will be able to analyze the results through the iOS app, which performs a scan using the iPhone‘s camera. The Gx Sweat Patch measures fluid loss, sweat rate per hour, and sodium level. Depending on the results, the application will suggest the amount of protein and liquid necessary to consume in the next few hours, as well as a series of tips to recover.

The patches are disposable after an exercise routine, something important that is worth mentioning since they sell for $25. “The Gx System represents the evolution of how we are serving athletes,” said Brett O’Brien, Gatorade general manager.

According to the executive, the sweat patches will be available on the Gatorade website and in some sports stores, although it was not specified if it will be globally. “Our goal is to bring the science and advanced services we provide to elite athletes to anyone looking to improve their performance,” said O’Brien.

Rachel Maga
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