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Chris Wade, CTO of Corellium, a Delaware-based startup, announced that it has ported “fully usable” Linux to the M1 Mac. In addition, we have announced that it will be published on GitHub with an installation tutorial.

Wade reports on Twitter that he can boot a full desktop version of Ubuntu from USB. The network function also works via the USB-C dongle, and USB, I2C and DART are also supported.

On the other hand, GPU acceleration is not supported and drawing depends on software rendering, so it seems that it is not possible to bring out all the functions of M1 Mac yet.



Corellium’s core business is Arm-focused software development, providing tools such as security research and app testing. Last year, “Project Sandcastle”, which allows you to install Android on an old iPhone, was attracting attention.



The company has a close relationship with Apple and is sued for tools that allow virtual iOS devices to run in the browser. The proceedings are ongoing, even though Apple’s allegations of copyright infringement have been dismissed by the judge.

Anyway, it seems to be a big progress to be able to run Linux directly on M1 Mac, which was previously limited to virtual environment. Linux creator Linus Torvalds also said that the M1 MacBook Air is perfect except for the OS, but it may be time to buy the M1 Mac.


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