10-year-old spends his parents’ savings on Fortnite

10-year-old spends his parents’ savings on Fortnite

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As you all know, Fortnite is very popular, especially with children. While it’s a free game, it is monetized with cosmetic items in a way that will encourage players to purchase the latest in-game skins. Many in-game purchases are only available for a limited time, which adds to the pressure to buy the latest skins before they’re gone.

For children, this type of pressure can be especially heightened by peer pressure at school. This pressure, which accordingly arises with children, can give the child the wrong idea and possibly mislead them in some way to get the necessary money.


For example, a user on mumsnet.com explained how her son used a bank account, usually intended for savings, to buy Fortnite skins.

The user says that this account is not checked regularly because no bills come or go from this account. So your child was able to spend some money here and there without their noticing. Before the parents noticed, the son had spent 1,694 euros on Fortnite microtransactions.

No full refund

The Mumsnet user writes that she contacted her bank and although the bank initially indicated that she could help, her attitude soon changed as it was a “civil matter” and not fraud.

So the parent then contacted Nintendo and while the company appeared to be more understanding of the situation, the parent was allegedly told that they would only refund the last 90 days of Fortnite transactions made through the Nintendo eShop.

However, the parents claim they were only reimbursed 564 euros of the 1694 euros, which is 57 days of Fortnite spending, not 90 days. This could possibly be due to the fact that her son bought the skins in other ways and not via the Nintendo Switch

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