BMW and Audi Car Subscription Service Discontinued

BMW and Audi Car Subscription Service Discontinued

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Overseas reports have revealed that the car subscription service developed by BMW and Audi in Germany is suspended or will be terminated soon.

Previously, BMW offered a car subscription service as “Access by BMW” in Nashville, Tennessee, but the service is no longer available. Audi also had Audi Select in Texas, but the company’s homepage reports that the service will end on January 31st. In addition, Mercedes-Benz and Ford, as well as Cadillac, have terminated similar services.

Much hasn’t been revealed why car makers have discontinued subscription services, but Mercedes cites “the hassle of moving personal property between vehicles.” Furthermore, it is easy to assume that the demand for automobiles for commuting has decreased due to the new coronavirus that started last year.

In Japan, Toyota is developing a subscription service “KINTO”, but there is no particular change information regarding this. Overseas, Porsche, Volvo, Lexus, Nissan, etc. continue to develop services.

It is a subscription service that allows you to change cars more freely, but it may be necessary to review the content as our lifestyle changes.

Rachel Maga
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