With a 5.9-inch screen and a weight of 169 grams, Asus’ new high-end model, the Zenfone 8, is comparatively small.

In its development, the Taiwanese company has opted for one-handed operation and hardware similar to that of other current premium models of the competition.

The Zenfone 8 integrates a Snapdragon 888 5G processor that allows the simultaneous operation of two SIM cards. The model is offered in versions with 128 and 256 gigabytes (GB) of storage and up to 16 GB of RAM.

The 5.0-inch AMOLED screen (1080 by 2400 pixels) allows you to adjust the refresh rate between 60, 90 and 120 hertz according to your needs. The 4000 milliamp hours of battery capacity of the Zenfone 8 allow a range of up to 48 hours. The device does not have wireless charging, but it does have 30-watt fast charging.

Contrary to the trend of huge modules with many cameras, Asus equips the Zenfone 8 with “only” two cameras: a 64 megapixel (MP) main camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide angle with optical stabilization. Both were developed in collaboration with Sony.

The device ships with the factory installed Android 11 operating system. Asus’ own launcher allows handy configurations, among others, dual user accounts for the most popular messengers, gesture control or a game mode. Asus promises “at least two” major system updates.

The Zenfone Flip also receives an update. Version 8 has the usual rotating main camera, which also becomes a selfie camera through an electric motor. In addition to the 64 MP main camera and 12 MP wide-angle camera, the device features an 8 MP telephoto camera with triple optical magnification.

The rotating camera allows for motorized panoramic shots from unusual angles. With these features, Asus aims to appeal to vloggers who want to photograph themselves without having to compromise on quality.

To increase the life of the Flip camera, it automatically retracts in the event of a drop or bump. The included case has a latch that locks the camera.

The Zenfone 8 Flip equips Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 5G and ships with 256GB of storage and 8GB of memory.

With a screen size of 6.67 inches (1080 by 2400 pixels) and a weight of 230 grams, the Flip is considerably bulkier than the Zenfone 8. It also does not have a wireless charging option for the 5000 milliamp hour battery.

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