Happy birthday Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal at 35, just turned 35, has made history in the world of sports nationally and internationally and the truth is that he continues to fight to be number one on the tennis court.

In addition to having achieved success in sports, Rafael Nadal is completely happy in the personal sphere next to Mery Perelló, the woman with whom he is madly in love and to whom he has always given his place:

“Her name is María Francisca, I I’ve known her since she was little, I only call her that when we have tension,” the tennis player confessed a few months ago for the program ‘My house is yours’ with Bertín Osborne.

Married to her since 2019, Rafa Nadal has not had children yet, but in that same program he assured that: “I trust I have children, I love children. I thought ‘when I retire’ because I thought that the thirty would be retired by now, but look”.

Although there have been few moments in which we have seen them together, since they lead a very discreet and busy life, when they have appeared before the cameras we have been able to see the great love that exists between them.

Today, Rafa Nadal turns 35 and he does so being a spectacular athlete who has represented his country, setting the bar very high on each track.

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