A group of cybercriminals based in Russia was behind the attack that practically paralyzed the activity of the company JBS, one of the largest in the world in the meat processing sector.

In a statement issued in recent hours, the FBI confirmed that the hack can be attributed to the Russian group REvil, also known as Sodinokibi, adding that it is “working diligently to bring the threat actors to justice.”

Meat company JBS suffered a major cyberattack last weekend raised concerns about a possible shortage of its products, especially in the United States. JBS announced Wednesday that it was resuming operations following the hack..

JBS, the second largest company in the sector in the US, is responsible for up to 20% of the meat products processed in the country. In addition, the attack caused the closure of the company’s operations in Canada and Australia.


REvil is one of the most prolific and profitable cybercriminal cartels in the world.

The White House on Tuesday pointed to Russia as ultimately responsible for the cyberattack against JBS, whose headquarters are in Brazil.

Its deputy spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, told the press that the US government is in contact with the Russian Executive on this matter and made it clear that “the responsible states do not give refuge to the criminals of ransomware”.

Ransomware attacks lock down computer systems that are not released until companies or institutions pay the hackers a ransom.

“Our partnerships with the private sector are essential to respond quickly when a cyber intrusion occurs and to provide support to victims affected by our cyber adversaries,” the FBI notes in its note.

More than 30% has been the increase in meat prices, according to some traders. Manager ensures that they have done everything possible not to increase the cost of the cuts they offer so much.

A cyber attack against someone is “an attack on all of us. We encourage any entity that is the victim of a cyber attack to immediately notify the FBI through one of our 56 field offices,” the note insists.

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