Apple would work on New Products dedicated to Health

Apple would work on New Products dedicated to Health

The world of health has made enormous progress in recent years, especially with the arrival of electronic e-health devices. Apple is one of the spearheads.

Apple clearly has access to his Apple Watch around health. For several generations, the connected assembly of the Cupertino company has incorporated new components making it possible to analyze a certain number of vital constants on a daily basis. A very successful device, very useful too. But the apple brand could prepare other products around health.

Is Apple working on a new device around health?

Right now, the Apple Watch is Apple’s only health product, in the hardware category at least. That being said, the US giant might be working on something else. At least that is what suggests a new job offer published on the website of the Cupertino company. The offer for a new product manager.

According to the description of the offer: “The Health Hardware group is looking for a new Engineering Project Manager (EPM) to lead the design and development of Apple products in the healthcare sector.” Unfortunately for us, the announcement does not go into detail. It is therefore impossible to know what the company is up to, but once again, this is not surprising. Companies do not have to be successful in discussing their new products before they are successful.

This is what a new job posting seems to indicate

As said before, the Apple Watch is the only hardware product from the Apple brand around health. The Cupertino company, however, sells other connected health products but other brands, such as a blood pressure cuff, a thermometer, smart scales, etc. In addition, Apple has not yet completed the repositioning of the Beddit brand, a company that Apple had bought in 2017 to which we owe the Beddit Sleep Monitor.

Rumors are rife regarding the possibility that the Cupertino company integrates blood glucose monitoring in a future Apple Watch but it is not here a question of a new hardware product, simply an evolution of an existing product. We will therefore have to be patient until a possible official announcement. To be continued !

Rachel Maga
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