Mourinho confesses a talk with Dele Alli to seal the Place

Mourinho confesses a talk with Dele Alli to seal the Place

Dele Ali’s was one of the hot names in the latest transfer market. His situation at Tottenham presaged an exit that has not finally taken place. Pochettino wanted his signing for PSG, but could not get it. Everything seemed ready for the Argentine coach’s reunion with the English player, but Tottenham and Mourinho did not give their approval, since the London club did not find a replacement of guarantees. The question was to check now what Dele’s role will be in the team, once he has had to stay.

As confirmed by Mourinho at a press conference, on Tuesday a meeting took place between the player and himself to clarify positions: “We had a conversation. Of course, a conversation doesn’t put a player in very good shape, but hopefully the motivation he needs to get back to the team. We are in the Europa League, the Premier League and the FA Cup, although I don’t think I will return for that. I think when he is physically ready he will be in a good frame of mind.”
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And he continued: “He needs to recover from his injury, go back to training and start over. Because last week he couldn’t even train, so that’s the most important thing. I had a good conversation with him yesterday, we talked about this question you asked me. and I think we find common ground. It is an important period of the season for the team and also for him. We need it. We need a good Dele Alli. We’re just waiting for him to get back to good normality. ”

So far, Dele has played 472 minutes divided into 12 games. Tottenham, sixth in the Premier League, adds two consecutive defeats and one of the criticisms that Mourinho has received is that he does not regularly have Dele Alli. It is hoped that this meeting will serve to include the player on a more regular basis in their plans. The English international has a contract with Tottenham until 2024.

Kane improves his injury

Mourinho also spoke about the situation of Harry Kane, injured in the ankle during the game against Liverpool: “He’s making good progress, he’s happy with the progress and of course we are too. I think it is not very optimistic to say that next week he should play, it will only be a consequence of his good evolution. So we are happy. We were scared when it happened, but next week we play Everton and City on the weekend. I think that for one of these games I should come back. “

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