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It has been rumored that Apple is developing an AR headset (commonly known as Apple AR glasses), but the company’s first genuine VR headset became a device with limited AR function, and it is quite expensive “in the VR product world”. It is reported that it will be positioned like “Mac Pro”.

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple’s first headset will be almost a VR device, displaying a comprehensive 3D digital environment for games, watching videos, communicating and more. He also states that the AR function (equipped with an external camera) that superimposes images and information on the real world will be limited.


And the release date is scheduled for 2022 at the earliest. It is reported to be a rival to Facebook’s Oculus, Sony’s PS VR, and HTC’s headset.

Furthermore, it is aiming to install a display with much higher resolution than existing VR products and the most advanced chip. Some of the chips tested in the prototype exceed the processor of the M1 Mac, and he designed a (cooling) fan for headsets. Ordinary mobile products can be avoided due to their weight reduction.

Because of that rich construction, the product is expected to be much more expensive than its $ 300- $ 900 competitors. Apple intends to sell one headset per retail store per day, and since there are about 500 directly managed stores, annual sales are expected to be about 180,000 units (excluding other stores). .. It’s on par with other expensive Apple products, such as the Mac Pro starting at $ 5,999, and is expected to be a very niche product.

The internal codename for this VR headset is “N301”, which is the same as the unreleased product the magazine previously reported. Originally, the headset itself was equipped with a less powerful processor and was being developed as a set with a fixed external hub, but Johnny Ive, the chief design officer at the time, opposed it and redesigned it as a stand-alone type. It was reported that it was done.

Another interesting piece of information is that you can insert a custom prescription lens (a prescription lens prescribed by an ophthalmologist, etc.). Generally, VR gadgets have extra space for people wearing glasses, but instead, you can put a lens in the headset to reduce the space and reduce the size of the main body. However, this system may be exposed to regulations on the sale of products that require prescriptions in each country, which also seems to be a bottleneck in widespread sales.

In other words, it seems unlikely that it will become a big hit product that reaches the mass market such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Still, Bloomberg could be an investment for Apple to build basic technology, consumer education, content development and developer relationships, and lay the groundwork for success when the final AR eyewear product is ready. Suggests.

Although Google has been working on smart glasses from early on, it is still in the industrial range. Apple doesn’t think it will succeed at one time, and it seems likely that it will sit down and work on it in the long run. We are waiting for the day when the investment of 100 million dollars for the 360-degree VR video “NextVR” will not end in vain and will entertain many users.

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