Amazon offers to deliver the vaccine

Amazon Offers to Deliver the Vaccines

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The e-commerce giant Amazon has offered to distribute coronavirus vaccines in the United States. The CEO of the company, Dave Clark, has sent a letter to the new president of the country, Joe Biden, to offer his collaboration in the distribution of the remedies.

Biden has committed to administering 100 million vaccines during the first 100 days of his mandate. To try to achieve the objective, Clark assured the president that “we are prepared to act quickly once vaccines are available. “

Thus, he stressed that Amazon was ready to “leverage our operations, information technology and capabilities and experience in communications. Our scale allows us to have a immediate significant impact in the fight against COVID-19 and we are ready to assist you in this endeavor. ”


In the last days, there has been some controversy with Amazon, since some of its employees have claimed the conditions in their warehouses were not safe to prevent contagion. Likewise, the firm has requested to prioritize vaccines for its workers, since these they cannot work from home.

Competition for FedEx

During the last years, the company has grown notably. Last month he acquired its first aircraft to expand its air network and also has a powerful fleet of trucks and vans.

According to some estimates, in 2019 they delivered 2.3 billion packages in North America. For this reason, some experts believe that could become a competitor for companies specialized in logistics such as FedEx.

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