Nicaragua begins voluntary Vaccination against Covid-19

Nicaragua begins voluntary Vaccination against Covid-19

The Government of Nicaragua reported through a statement released this Monday by the Ministry of Health in official media that this Tuesday the day of “voluntary vaccination against covid-19” will begin in the country, but did not provide details of the premises, schedules or vaccination mechanisms.

“Voluntary vaccination will begin with the application of the Sputnik V vaccine, which we gratefully received from the Russian Federation, to patients, brothers and sisters with kidney failure and in dialysis and hemodialysis programs, as well as patients in cancer and cardiology programs.” Says the statement.

The vice president and spokesperson for the Government of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, had reported on January 24 in a call with official media that the country received, without specifying the amount or donation amount, a batch of vaccines from the Russian Direct Investment Fund, and that they would apply to chronic patients.

Murillo’s announcement came two days after President Daniel Ortega stated on national television that the vaccines would take time because manufacturers had prioritized delivery to countries that paid more for the drugs, although he did not specify the name of a laboratory.

Nicaragua expects more vaccines

The government informs in its statement released this Monday that on May 6 it expects the arrival of a batch of vaccines from the Serum Institute and the Government of India and also 134,000 vaccines from the Covax mechanism, donated by the GAVI Alliance of the World Organization of Health, which will be incorporated into the national immunization program.

The Ministry of Health totals 6,445 COVID-19 infections and 173 deaths until February 24, although it also recognizes, without specifying a number, that other patients died from pre-existing diseases.

For its part, the Covid-19 Citizen Observatory, reports 13,140 verified suspected cases, 882 of them in health personnel and 2,976 deaths from pneumonia or suspected of coronavirus until February 24.

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