The iMac Pro 27 finally deprived of mini LED? That’s what DigiTimes thinks it knows

As Apple is equipping its products with mini LED panels one after the other, it was not too surprising to see a number of rumors emerge that the future 27-inch iMac Pro could, too, have such a mini LED screen. That being said, there might not be too much to expect from that side for this machine. Explanation.

The iMac Pro 27 finally deprived of mini LED?

Indeed, if we believe a new report from DigiTimes, although this 27-inch iMac Pro is still expected in the course of the year 2022, the computer could ultimately not integrate mini LED technology into its screen. Instead, the Cupertino company could continue to use this good old LCD technology found in previous generations of iMacs.

That’s what DigiTimes thinks it knows

This information is in any case at odds with more recent rumors, in particular from analyst Ross Young, from Display Chain Consultants. In other words, it is currently very difficult to know whether this 27-inch iMac Pro will actually be entitled to a mini LED panel or not.

And yet, we can completely understand that the Apple brand may have made the decision not to opt for such a panel insofar as, with a diagonal of 27 inches, the price alone of the screen could be very raised.

But at the same time, since this iMac has the suffix “Pro” and when we know that Apple has already integrated the mini LED in its iPad Pro and its new MacBook Pro, it would be quite strange to see the Cupertino company miss this opportunity, so to speak.

Either way, the new 27-inch iMac Pro should be a pretty good racehorse if it gets an Apple Silicon M1 Max or M1 Pro chip. In fact, if screen technology isn’t very important to you, it might not be a concern. To be continued !

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