Half a year without Mila Ximénez: Alba Santana and her most complicated Christmas

Half a year without Mila Ximénez: Alba Santana and her most complicated Christmas

This Thursday marks six months since the news of the death of Mila Ximénez saw the public light. A fateful Friday June 23 that the loved ones of the gathering will not forget and that marked a before and after in the world of television and social chronicles.

At 69 years old, Mila lost her life at her home in Madrid after being sedated for several days. A year of fighting lung cancer suffered for more than a year and which she finally failed to defeat despite the numerous radio and chemotherapy sessions.

During all this time of Mila’s absence, her name has come to the fore on numerous occasions for her loved ones, companions in battles who demonstrate with words, gestures and details, that they do not forget her.

But, without a doubt, on December 11, her memory regained public relevance after the death of her husband of three years, Manolo Santana, with whom she had a televised conflict since in 1986 she decided to separate from him.

The Spanish tennis and sports legend lost his life at the age of 83 in Marbella after a heart failure. Then, Alba Santana, the only daughter in common of Ximénez and Santana, experienced one of her most complicated experiences: losing both of her parents in less than six months.

After the recent death of the tennis player, Alba, 37, has relived the ordeal and suffering that happened when her mother passed away, because, although she loved her two parents, the bond and close relationship between mother and daughter was superior to all things.

Now that all citizens are immersed in these atypical Christmases, the Ximénez de Cisneros face these important dates with the absence of their beloved Mila for the first time.

Sister, mother and grandmother, she has left a great legacy in a family that now remains more united than ever and that does not forget those 69 years of happiness, complicity and great moments that culminated in a tireless fight against a disease that took her away. But her memory is still present among all those who loved and admired her.

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