Mobile games aren’t as demanding as streaming content like desktops, but Amazon sees a market there to extend control of Twitch, which it acquired in 2020. So the company also launched its streaming-centric mobile app, which launched its Android version in November 2020, on Apple’s App Store.

Users use the app to record video clips from 30 seconds to up to 5 minutes of gameplay. The game can be anything that has a recording function. Even though it is a recording, the clip is actually recorded in GameOn’s library, and it is recorded directly there. You can add comments to it later, edit it and publish it on GameOn, or share the link on platforms on other sites.

Interestingly, GameOn’s platform is completely unrelated to Twitch, with different brands and channels. Amazon is working with streamers to focus entirely on mobile games and highlight challenges that are unique to the app. According to the company, the service supports more than 1000 mobile games.

Developers are increasingly pursuing more complete mobile porting of desktop titles, but that’s also difficult due to lack of advanced control. But as game platforms try to bring cloud-streaming networks to iOS, there will be an increasing demand for mobile-native content and games that users control with gamepads.

However, in order for that to happen, the App Store will need to become more familiar with such platforms in the future.

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